A list of the books we read in 2022 for our in-person middle grade book group for middle grade authors.

This blog grew out of a middle grade book group for writers, held in Menlo Park, California, and we’re still going strong. Each month, we discuss a middle grade book with an eye to craft. (Last year, I wrote about strategies for starting your own craft book group.) Here’s our list of books from 2021, with a sneak peek at our first few books of 2022. We hope they inspire your reading!

This blog emerged from a book group that meets monthly in Menlo Park, California, to discuss middle grade books with an eye to craft. We don’t always create posts on the books we read, but we do have great discussions! If you’re looking to expand your middle grade reading or to start your own discussion group, feel free to read along.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re sending you some books we love! These are books that have inspired us as writers and helped us to reimagine our writing processes as well as shape our writing lives. May you too be inspired.   Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. It just came at the right […]

compiled by Anne-Marie Strohman Memorial Day was originally meant to honor the fallen soldiers of the Civil War. The day was first widely observed in 1868. While some people today honor all those who have served in the military, it is primarily a remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives in all American wars. On […]

Valentine’s Day can be more than romance. It can be a celebration of all sorts of different love relationships–family, friendships, even pets. Here are some of our favorite unexpected love stories.   Unconventional Romance In this reimagining of the Cinderella story, Char, the Rat Prince, shows his devotion to Rose (Cinderella). But at it’s core, […]

The turn of the new year is a time to look forward (resolutions, anyone?) and to look back. We’ve perused our reading lists from the past year and picked out our favorite reads of the year–some published in 2017, some we encountered or re-read this past year. If you’re one for resolutions, you can use […]

Not enough time to read about craft? You can listen about craft! A few of our members are avid podcast listeners and have a number of writing podcasts they listen to. Others of us are interested to find great listening material that will help us grow as writers. So we’ve compiled a list of great […]

We wish you a Halloween haunted by your favorite books. And in case you want to find some new creepy favorites, we’ve gathered some of ours here. Read to the end to find our most recommended creepy book.  Prepare to be spooked! And the number one most recommended creepy book: What are your favorite creepy […]

In January, our group gathered to share our favorite craft books. People spoke about what they took away from the book and when in the writing process the book would be most helpful. Each person also chose an “Island Book”–if you could have one craft book on a desert island, which would it be? (You […]