Oct 4, 2016


Welcome to the MG Lunch Break

where we devour middle grade books and savor the best craft practices

We love to read middle grade books.
We love to write middle grade books.
We love to talk about middle grade books.

Now we’re  writing about middle grade books with a focus on craft. We look at what an author does well, and we examine our own writing in light of what we find. Then we put the best tips in easily-digestible portions for you.

Whether you’re a newbie MG writer or a seasoned one, we hope you’ll learn from these books with us and join the conversation–through comments, through your own blogs, through social media (#mglunchbreak).

You’ll find a complete list of our monthly book selections in our Book Gallery.

If you have suggestions for posts you’d like to see, drop us a line through the contact form. (We strive for excellent editing, but if you spot any typos, the contact form would be a great place to let us know.)

So join us weekly on Tuesdays for an MG Lunch Break. We’ll be serving up some tasty morsels!

Anne-Marie Strohman




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