Kat St. Claire

“I understand more clearly that an outline need not be a construct that dominates my writing, a rigid form that must be adhered to, but it can be a tool to help manage what I write, to help me not get distracted or sidetracked, and instead work toward my goal–even if that goal isn’t completely clear to me as I shuffle, twist, and rearrange things on the page, the way I am prone to do.”

craft review by Kat St. Claire Four books we read in our MG Book Group this year got me thinking about how a writer can use science and science facts to launch into fiction, even the fantastic. I’ve divided these four books into two categories. The first category I’ll call, From science facts to science fiction […]

craft review by Kat St. Claire Like a British Cozy mystery, Kate Milford’s tale about an inn filled with guests hiding secrets guides the reader to the final answer, with plenty of questions and misdirection. Milo, the adopted son of the inn’s owners, must discover these secrets to solve the mysteries that surround the inn […]