Apr 9, 2020


Welcome back to KidLit Craft! I mean, welcome back . . . to us?

Six months ago, life happened. Writing, volunteering, families. We didn’t exactly mean to take a break. But here we are mrmhfpm months later. And we’re ready to get back into craft and to share those craft explorations with you.

All of our lives are at least a little topsy-turvy right now as the coronavirus pandemic makes its way around the world. But we hold tight to the idea that writing and art will see us through–in the midst of fear, sorrow, pain, frustration, and even joy, art can be the balm that we need, and that our readers need.

KidLitCraft began four years ago as a group of middle grade writers in the San Francisco Bay Area who met to discuss middle grade books with an eye to craft. Engaging deeply with the craft of mentor texts has grown us as writers. (In 2019-2020, three of our members debuted as middle grade authors. We couldn’t be more excited for them.) Since then, some of our members have expanded their writing into YA and picture books, and we have expanded our craft exploration into those categories as well.

In the near term with our relaunch of KidLit Craft, you will see:

  • A curated “retrospective” of some of our juciest craft posts
  • Interviews of our debut authors to gain valuable insights about their craft journey 
  • New content focused on the craft of writing young adult and middle grade fiction and picture books
  • Craft reviews of recently published books complemented by interviews with the authors
  • A series called The Day Job Connection where we chat with published authors about how non-writing work has helped them become better writers 

First and foremost, we are a community of writers who want to dig into craft. We’d love for you to join us. If you’re interested in finding out more about our in-person meetings (SF Bay Area only) or contributing to the KidLit Craft blog as a guest contributor, please go here and scroll down to our contact form. You can also find us on social media @kidlitcraft (we’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

We can’t wait to go on this writing journey with you. 

First up: Keep an eye out TOMORROW for a bonus retro post on listening for craft. 

We wish you health and safety and the consolation of reading and writing during this difficult time. 

Anne-Marie and Kristi, co-editors



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