At KidLit Craft we look at the mechanics of how writers do what they do, so we can improve our own writing. In this series, we’re taking a deep dive into Martine Leavitt’s YA novel Buffalo Flats. Erin has called this the perfect novel, so we’re tearing it apart to see how Martine put it […]

This blog emerged from a book group that meets monthly in Menlo Park, California, to discuss middle grade books with an eye to craft. We don’t always create posts on the books we read, but we do have great discussions! If you’re looking to expand your middle grade reading or to start your own discussion group, feel free to read along.

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Welcome back to KidLit Craft! I mean, welcome back . . . to us? Six months ago, life happened. Writing, volunteering, families. We didn’t exactly mean to take a break. But here we are mrmhfpm months later. And we’re ready to get back into craft and to share those craft explorations with you. All of […]

We’re off for a couple weeks, as we find rejuvenation in sand and sea, on streets and in bookshops, in stepping away from the everyday. Look for new posts at the end of April! How do you relax and refresh? What kind of break gives you the energy to return to your creative work with […]

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program next week. Keep an eye out for the continuation of our February Poetry Month (focusing on Novels-in-Verse). Stay warm! Anne-Marie StrohmanAnne-Marie Strohman (co-editor) writes picture books, middle grade novels, and young adult short stories and novels. She is trained as a teacher, an editor, and a scholar, […]

Welcome to the MG Lunch Break where we devour middle grade books and savor the best craft practices We love to read middle grade books. We love to write middle grade books. We love to talk about middle grade books. Now we’re  writing about middle grade books with a focus on craft. We look at […]